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Steamed & Braised Bear's Paw


1 bear's paw, some pigeon eggs, 1 red cherry, salt, Shaoxing wine, chicken fat, ham, chives, ginger, delicious soup, water chestnut powder


  1. Clean the bear's paw in soda water, remove the hair, crust and bones after boiling, wrap it in a cloth, braise it together with chicken & duck sternums, ham, chives, ginger, Shaoxing wine, delicious soup, after boiling, stew them for 2 hours, change the soup water 3 times during the while to eliminate odour, then steam it with delicious soup, wine, ginger in a food steamer for 2 hours.
  2. Put the shelled pigeon eggs, chives, ginger, wine in the delicious soup for late use.
  3. Braise the bear's paw, chives, ginger, delicious soup and necessary seasonings to boiling, stew them for 5 minutes, then put in water chestnut powder to make paste over a strong fire, turn the bear's paw over, pour chicken fat on it, move it into a dish.
  4. Put the water chestnut powder in 2 to braise them into paste, pour chicken fat on, then place the pigeon eggs around the bear's paw, put the red cherry on it.

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