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Tai Ji Prawn Meat Balls


1500g prawns, an egg, tomato sauce, pickled chili, fermented glutinous rice, pepper, chili oil, sesame oil, chicken soup, salt, sugar, gourmet powder, ginger, chives, water chestnut powder


  1. Shape the cleaned prawns like balls, mix them up with salt, then rinse them in clean water and coat them with seasoning paste. After adding oil, refrigerate it for 2 hours.
  2. Stir up the salt, gourmet powder, pepper, chicken soup, water chestnut powder, clean water to make gravy for the prawn meat balls.
  3. Spread the prawn meat balls in hot oil in a frying pot. Fry half the prawn meat balls with some of the oil left in the pot and the gravy, then take out and place them in one side of a dish.
  4. Slightly fry the pickled chili, shredded ginger and fermented glutinous rice with some oil, then fry the other half of the prawn meat balls together with the tomato sauce, gourmet powder and sugar, after that, pour the watered water chestnut powder, shredded chives, chili oil, sesame oil in the pot, take out and put them in the other side of the dish.

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