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Ba Zhen soup in wax gourd tureen


1 wax gourd, Ba Zhen (shrimp meat, squid, sea cucumber, dried scallops, chicken meat dices, dried mushroom dices, bamboo shoot dices and green soybeans), done ham, salt, gourmet powder, pepper, delicious soup


  1. Scoop out the pith from half a wax gourd, sculpt a nice picture in the peel of it.
  2. Scald the Ba Zhen in boiling water, remove foam, then put in delicious soup, salt, gourmet powder, pepper, stew them for about 30 minutes.
  3. Scald the half of the wax gourd in boiling water, then coat its peel with fine oil to polish it.
  4. Pour the Ba Zhen soup in the wax gourd half, then steam them in a food steamer for about 10 minutes, finally sprinkle the ham shreds on the side of the wax gourd half.

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