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The Chinese nation has a civilized history of 5,000 years and has created a splendid traditional culture. Being one of the important fruits of China's age-old culture, the Chinese food and drink culinary art enjoys a high prestige both at home and abroad. The whole world looks upon eating a Chinese meal as a high-leveled enjoyment. The Chinese people whether living in or outside the county all share a proper sense of pride for such a rich Chinese food and drink culinary culture. Thus, to regard the Chinese food and drink culinary art as a culture, a science, or an art is entirely justifiable.

The Chinese culinary culture has a distant source and has become well-established. The legend has it that the Chinese culinary culture originated with Yi Yin, a virtuous and capable minister of the Shang Dynasty(ca. 15th to 11th century B.C.). It can be seen that China initiated the culinary art as early as the Shang and Zhou (ca. 11th century to 221 B.C.) times. With the growth and development of production and economy during various periods, the culinary techniques too registered step by step heightening and improvement----from brevity to variety, from rudimentary to advanced stage, from day-to-day snacks to feasts, even to palatial dishes and delicacies. During about the time from the Spring and Autumn Period(ca. 770-476 B.C.) and the Warring Stated Period(ca. 475-221 B.C.), to the Sui-Tang period the Chinese dishes began to be marked apart by Southern and Northern tastes. During the period of the Tang (618-907 A.D.) and the Song(960-1279 A.D.) dynasties, people went in a great deal for eating and distinct local colours were added to the Chinese dishes, such as the Northern food("Lu" or the Shandong dishes), the Southern food ("Yue" or the Cantonese dishes), the Chuan food (Sichuan dishes), Wei Yang(Yangzhou) and the vegetarian foods and records respecting each kind of dishes have been handed down. No matter whether in regard to the four oldest groups (i.e., the Sichuan, Cantonese, Shandong and Yangzhou groups) or the eight groups that gradually matured after the Tang and Song Dynasties (the Sichuan, Cantonese, Shandong, Yangzhou, Beijing, Anhui, Zhejiang and Hunan groups) or the Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan, Liaoning groups, as well as the Muslim feasts prevalent throughout the country, each of these famous groups has its own long history and characteristic traditional techniques; these put together have truly for the Chinese culinary culture produced a rich, sublime fruit borne out of the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend.

Shanghai is China's biggest port city. Since the Opium War and the opening of the five ports to foreign trade, it was thronged by traders from all over the world and was densely populated by the Chinese and foreigners, and the city became thriving and prosperous. In the wake of economic growth, the several big culinary blocs poured into Shanghai one after another. Till the twenties of the present century, restaurants featuring the various kinds of dishes, like the Cantonese food, Sichuan food, Beijing food, Yangzhuo food, Ningbo food, Anhui food, Muslim feast, Tianjin food, Suzhou and Wuxi food and Shanghai's local dishes together with Western cafes, numbering near a hundred, had emerged in Shanghai. So the saying "Satisfying eating is in Shanghai" is actually not coined by the Shanghailanders of today, but prevailed already some 80 years ago. The Southerners say: "Satisfying eating is in Guangzhou and Hong Kong." The Northerners say: "Satisfying eating is in Beijing and Tianjin." The Southwesterners say: "Satisfying eating is in Chengdu and Kunming." The Northwesterners say: "Satisfying eating is in Xi'an and Lanzhou." The Northeasterners say: "Satisfying eating is in Harbin, the Moscow of the Orient." Undoubtedly each of these sayings is correct, because in each place of our fatherland there are distinctly-coloured regional culinary blocs and the delicacies of different tastes available in Chinese food, a fact acknowledged the world over.

  1. Saute Mandarin Fish Grains In Crab Shells
  2. Saute Mandarin Fish Pieces
  3. Steamed Wax Gourd and Straw Mushrooms
  4. Steamed Crab Meat With Wax Gourd
  5. Seasoned Eel Slices
  6. Meatballs Stuffed With Crab Ovum
  7. Chicken Loin Grains In Nest
  8. Fried And Steamed Duck Meat & Skin
  9. Soup Of Steamed Shreds Of Bamboo Shoot, Ham, Chicken
  10. Braised Eel Pieces
  11. Eight Gods Enjoying Autumn Scene
  12. Steamed Eel Shreds Pile
  13. Braised Chicken
  14. Steamed Clams
  15. Fried Green Pepper Pieces With Beef Mousse
  16. Ba Zhen Soup In Wax Gourd Tureen
  17. Liquor-soaked chicken
  18. Fried Eel Pieces With Cashew Nuts
  19. Tian Ma Baked Eel
  20. Saute Conch Meat Put In Shell
  21. Steamed Black Carp Slices
  22. Roast Suckling Pig
  23. Fried Pickled Pigeon
  24. Seefoods Chafing Dish
  25. Fried Mandarin Fish
  26. Steamed Eel Slices Shaped Like A Turtle
  27. Fried Mandarin Fish Shreds With Crab Meat
  28. Mandarin Fish Shreds With Saute Crab Meat
  29. Saute Shrimps With Sesame
  30. French Baked Abalone
  31. Long Men Saute Brocoli
  32. Saute Lobster Slices With Egg Slices & Scallops
  33. Saute Stuffed Scallop Balls
  34. Braised Scallops & Wax Gourd Balls
  35. Steamed duck stuffed with delicacies
  36. Braised Scallops With Black Moss
  37. Bai Xia Braised Pearl-like Bean Curd
  38. Braised Black Carp's Hind Parts
  39. Braised Apricot Kernels With Saute Cabbage Hearts
  40. Steamed Cuttlefish With Shrimp Mousse
  41. Deep-fried Bean Curd Balls
  42. Saute Mandarin Fish With Noodles
  43. Steamed Eel With Pigeon Eggs
  44. Saute Shrimp Meat And Squids
  45. Xian Xia Eel Meat
  46. Seamed Beef Leg Slices
  47. Fried Vegetables Shaped Like Phoenix
  48. Steamed Perch Rolls
  49. Saute Frog Legs Stuck On Bamboo Pieces
  50. Fried Big Prawns
  51. Duck Blood & Bean Curd Soup
  52. Prawn Rolls Shaped Like Phoenix Tail
  53. Saute Beef & Chicken Breast
  54. Fried Pork Fillets Put On Heated Iron Plate
  55. Fried Beef
  56. Braised Black Carp Slices
  57. Steamed Prawns & Fried Eel
  58. Steamed Wax Gourd Pieces
  59. Steamed Mandarin Fish Rolls
  60. Saute Grained Fish Meat
  61. Braised Lobster Slices
  62. Cheese Baked Prawn
  63. Baked Clams
  64. Snake Meat Shreds Soup
  65. Saute Chicken Breast Grains
  66. Steamed Eel (Shaped Like Frog)
  67. Crab Meat & Shredded Fish
  68. Mandarin Ducks & lotus Flowers
  69. Saute Prawns In Nest
  70. Three-colour Prawns Shaped Like Goldfish
  71. Crab Meat & Pigeon Egg Rolls
  72. Saute Prawns In Nest
  73. Saute Duck Meat (Shaped Like Lotus Flower)
  74. Saute Conch Meat Slices In Three Colours
  75. Melted Sugar, Scalded Brocoli & Fried Prawn Meat
  76. Fresh Scallop Paste
  77. Steamed River Crab Shaped Like Lotus Flower
  78. Braised Chicken With Chinese Tonics
  79. Fish Tripe Soup
  80. Wuxi Pickled Pork Slices
  81. Fried Mandarin Fish Rolls With Banana Pieces
  82. Sea Clam Soup
  83. Seafoods & Fowl In Wine Jug (Buddha Jumping Over Wall)
  84. Korean Flavour Fried--Baked Rice
  85. Raw Beef Mixture
  86. Unique Taste Dried Mushrooms
  87. Smoked Pork & Glutinous Rice Rolls
  88. French Backed Duck Meat
  89. Seafoods Salad
  90. Birds In Nest
  91. Black Carp Slices With Ginger Juice
  92. Lobster Slices On Ice Pieces
  93. Baked Suckling Pig With Roast Duck & Beef Tendon
  94. Crane & Pagoda Circled With 8 Dishes
  95. Variety Instant Boiled Mutton Chafing Dish
  96. Braised Bean Curd With Clam Meat
  97. Saute Skewered Deer Meat & Hazel Grouse Meat
  98. Prawns Cooked In Three Ways
  99. Ying Bin Cold Dish
  100. Crab Meat Put In Wax Gourd Cylinder
  101. Camel Hoof Paste
  102. Braised Black Carp
  103. Saute Squid
  104. Smoked Pomfret
  105. Chicken Feet Soaked In Spice Soup
  106. Saute Prawn Meat Wrapped In Net Fat
  107. Steamed Bean Curd Soup
  108. Saute Black Carp
  109. Saute Prawns
  110. Seafoods Casserole
  111. Large Dish
  112. Tokyo Chafing Dish
  113. Beef Slice On Ice
  114. Skewered Cicadas
  115. Steamed Shrimp Mousse
  116. Steamed Wax Gourd Rolls
  117. Saute Prawns
  118. Fried & Stewed Eel Pieces
  119. Chicken Grains & Ham Shreds Wrapped In Egg Sheets
  120. Roast, Steamed & Saute Beef
  121. Braised Chicken With Lilac
  122. Saute Mandarin Fish Shreds
  123. Braised Eel Pieces
  124. Fu Li Hua Steamed Bean Curd Slices
  125. Saute Banana Rolls Coated With Lotus Seed Paste
  126. Large Dish Of Eel, Chicken, Pig, Beef
  127. Steamed Scallops In Marrow Rings
  128. Steamed Eel & Fried Crabs
  129. Baked Prawns
  130. Jadeite Shrimp
  131. Steamed Eel Rolls Shaped Like Turtle
  132. Saute Shrimp Meat Balls
  133. Jade Green Soybean Paste
  134. Baked Smoked Promfret With Salad Sauce
  135. Baked Whelks With Cream
  136. Banquet Of Casseroles
  137. Saute Vegetables In Wax Gourd
  138. Braised Turtle Skirt Shaped Like Jadeite
  139. Steamed Mandarin Fish Meat Shaped Like Butterfly
  140. Steamed Mandarin Fish Shaped Like Crab
  141. Tai Ji Prawn Meat Balls
  142. Steamed Eel Pieces
  143. Crystal Pig's Stomachic Pieces Soup
  144. Stewed Shark's Fins With Pigeon Meat
  145. Steamed Pomfret Shaped Like Butterfly
  146. Roast Beijing Crammed Duck
  147. Steamed & Braised Bear's Paw
  148. Saute River Shrimp Meat
  149. Saute River Crab Ovum
  150. Jin Jiang Roast Duck
  151. Braised Turtle Skirt & Duck Tongues
  152. Seafood Casserole
  153. Chicken Rice
  154. Cherry Flower Bean Curd
  155. Steamed Crabs

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